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NEW WEBINAR SERIES | Rebound from COVID: 6 Influence Skills

July 1, 2020
Rebound from COVID: 6 Influence Skills

Join Ascellus for our new 6-part webinar series, Rebound from COVID: 6 Influence Skills. As a leading provider in biopsychosocial innovation and a pioneer in evidence-based mental health evaluation and treatment, Ascellus is going LIVE to equip people with research-proven tools and techniques to relieve stress, increase influence and tackle today’s tough challenges.  This six-part 30-minute lunchtime series will air every other week, beginning Wednesday, July 8, 2020, with one of Ascellus’s medical experts presenting each module with fun and relevant topics such as mindfulness meditation, influence, assertiveness, conflict resolution and more! 

What the webinar series will include

Each webinar begins with a 15-minute presentation about a skill that can be learned almost instantly. Immediately after this presentation, there will be a 15-minute breakout workshop, including fun exercises to aid in demonstrating and practicing the skill, followed by Q & A with Ascellus Founder and Network Medical Director, Michael Coupland, who will answer your questions about cognitive behavioral therapy, mind-over-matter techniques and more.

Who will benefit from this webinar series

If you are an Ascellus provider, LCSW, psychologist, psychiatrist, claim adjuster, nurse case manager, friend of Ascellus, or family member of Ascellus’s network contacts, you will benefit from this instructional webinar’s content and the opportunity to learn and ask questions from Ascellus’s top experts in the field of psychosocial intervention.


Webinar #1: The Acoustics of Assertiveness: Learn the Broken Record Technique

led by Michael Coupland, RPsych

This skill will help you get through to someone who may be dismissing or rejecting what you have to say. It’s an important skill in circumstances where it’s hard to say “no” and when you experience pressure to “cave in” when you know you are asking for something reasonable. 

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(Yes, we are running the program twice to accommodate lunchtime coast to coast!)


Webinar #2: Getting Past “I Don’t Know”: Learn the Active Listening Technique

led by Michael Coupland, RPsych

This skill will help you get to the heart of the matter, eliminate “I don’t know” and find common ground in your daily conversations.

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Webinar #3: Cool, Calm and Collected: Learn the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

led by Dr. Bunny Falk

This skill will teach you strategies for how to reduce stress and anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques that will allow you to be calm, cool, and collected while facing daily struggles.

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Webinar #4: Influence Your State of Mind: Learn the Changing Channels Technique

Led by Dr. Daniel LeGoff

This skill will teach you techniques on how to take charge of your thought processes so you can stop being controlled by obsessive-thinking and instead influence your thoughts in ways that are more productive and practical.

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Webinar #5: Being in the Moment: Learn the Mindful Meditation Technique 

led by Dr. Cal Robinson

This skill teaches you the importance of relaxing and recognizing yourself in the present moment to instill an open-minded appreciation for your place in the world right now.  

To register for the Wednesday, September 9 webinar at 12:00 p.m. EASTERN, click HERE.

To register for the Wednesday, September 9 webinar at 12:00 p.m. PACIFIC, click HERE.


Webinar #6: Small Steps Matter: Learn the Readiness Ruler Technique

led by Dr. Miranda Kofeldt 

This skill teaches you how to evaluate your readiness for change, including how much you desire to change, your reasons for change, and how confident you are about that change so you can transform your life into what you want it to be.   

To register for the Wednesday, September 23 webinar at 12:00 p.m. EASTERN, click HERE.

To register for the Wednesday, September 23 webinar at 12:00 p.m. PACIFIC, click HERE.


Meet the Ascellus webinar presenters

Michael Coupland, RPsych –  Ascellus Founder and Network Medical Director

Psychologist, author, speaker, trailblazer, founder and Network Medical Director of Ascellus Group, Michael Coupland is an internationally renowned expert in chronic pain and PTSD assessment and treatment. A registered psychologist with more than 35 years’ clinical experience in workers’ compensation, disability and personal injury, Coupland is known for his passion and compassion in helping patients manage physical and emotional pain and trauma. Using a fully integrated medical approach, Coupland works tirelessly with the Ascellus Clinical Quality Team, providing the oversight of the network of over 1,200 psychologists and psychiatrists for helping individuals resume full productive lives.

Bunny Falk, R.N., Psy.D. – Assistant Provider Medical Director

Dr. Bunny Falk provides clinical oversight to Ascellus’s national provider network, developing policies and procedures for best clinical practices and ethical guidelines as Chairperson of the Ascellus Credentialing Committee. With more than 33 years in private practice, She has held clinical, teaching and consulting positions at several universities and healthcare companies, including Nova Southeastern University, Magellan Health and University of Miami Behavioral Health. Dr. Falk spent ten years in the medical department of a large national workers’ compensation third party administration. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University; her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Barry University; and her Nursing Degree from Broward Community College, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Daniel LeGoff, Ph.D., LP – Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor

Daniel LeGoff is a licensed neuropsychologist with more than 25 years of clinical experience, having held many prestigious clinical and teaching positions at Ivy League universities and government and healthcare institutions nationwide. Dr. LeGoff was embedded as a neuropsychologist at a rehabilitation program at a large workers’ compensation organization. A world-renowned speaker, author and expert in personal development and cognitive behavioral therapy, Dr. LeGoff has conducted professional trainings worldwide. He received his Ph.D. and his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Miranda Kofeldt, Ph.D. – Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor 

A licensed clinical psychologist, Miranda Kofeldt holds a PhD. in clinical psychology and behavioral medicine from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She has experience treating adult individuals and groups in recovery from addictions, trauma and serious mental illness, depression and bipolar, anxiety, stressful/chronic health diagnoses; trauma and PTSD, problems with emotion regulation, stress management, and anger management. Dr. Kofeldt’s specialties include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, trauma-informed therapy, evidenced-based tobacco cessation and prevention and alcohol use in college populations.

Dr. Cal Robinson – Clinical Oversight Psychologist, PsyD., MSCP, Clinical Psychopharmacology

Cal Robinson received his PsyD Doctor of Psychology and board certification in medical psychology from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. He has over thirty years’ experience in performing psychological assessments and leading individual and group therapy, and twenty years treating behavioral health patients in many areas, including pain management, chronic pain, anger management, addiction, and PTSD. Dr. Robinson’s vast experience includes serving as Health Consultant for the U.S. Air Force, working as Clinical Director for pain management and having developed several pain programs, including one for sufferers of chronic pain and addiction. Please add the webinar workshop dates to your calendar and register in advance. We’re looking forward to sharing our lunchtime with you! Ascellus – Integrated Medical Case Solutions – is the premier behavioral medicine network for pain and trauma response with evidence-based outcomes and a proven track record for transforming workers’ compensation cases. Ascellus makes intervention efficient with a national network of 1,500+ psychologists and psychiatrists in all 50 states.

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