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Integrated CBT-PT Program Offers Unique Treatment for Injured Workers

October 3, 2017


Two of the most effective strategies to deal with chronic pain  help injured workers in chronic pain who have biopsychosocial issues. Through technological advancements, we are now able to offer this integrated program to injured workers in Florida. Called the COPE – Abilities Program, Integrated Medical Case Solutions (Ascellus Group) is teaming up with a national physical therapy provider on this unique endeavor.

CBT teaches injured workers about the mind and body connection to managing chronic pain. It includes mind-body techniques to self manage the pain, leading to a return to function and work. Physical therapy helps injured workers through various movements and exercises designed to restore physical mobility and a return to work. The combination of the two will help strengthen the injured worker’s mind and body.

Our program is directed to injured workers who have delayed recovery and are receiving their PT in their home community. We know from experience that a team approach is best when biopsychosocial issues are present.  The psychologist and the PT see the patient for individual face to face sessions as well as joint sessions with the patient.

The Program

Injured workers who have failed usual and customary conservative care can benefit from this integrated treatment model. It is especially suited to injured workers with:

  • Chronic Pain Syndrome.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.
  • Delayed Recovery from concussion.

The 12-week program begins with a physical therapy and behavioral medicine evaluation to determine the specific needs of the injured worker. The physical therapist and psychologist work in conjunction to develop an individualized PT-CBT treatment plan.

Halfway through the program the providers measure and report on the progress that has been made. A team conference, including the patient as an integral team member,  is held so all the various stakeholders involved can identify and determine how to overcome any existing barriers. The final step is for the team to develop a post discharge maintenance plan for the injured worker.

We see this new program as a unique way to address the challenges of injured workers with chronic pain without the use of opioids or other potentially dangerous medications. Multi-disciplinary pain programs teach specific techniques to help injured workers become engaged in their own recoveries and manage their pain, resulting in their returns to function and work.

To learn more about COPE-Abilities, call us at 866-678-2924, or you can email referrals to

Integrated Medical Case Solutions (Ascellus) is a national network of Health Providers in Psychology that delivers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for chronic pain, trauma and insomnia across the country for the workers’ compensation industry.

For additional information, contact us at The Ascellus Group, or visit our website  Please join our LinkedIn group, at COPE with Pain.


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