Meaningful and Measurable Mental Health Results

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Integrated Clinical Expertise

Ascellus integrates with your care coordination team to provide work-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (W-CBT) solutions and clinical guidance throughout the claim lifecycle.
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Return-to-Work Ready in 3 Steps

Get Referred

Injured workers are referred to us for Behavioral Health and claims goals are defined.

Take Our Assessment

We identify their risk levels using our behavioral health assessment that lays the groundwork for diagnosis and treatment.

Begin Treatment

We offer integrated avenues of Telehealth and in-person work-focused CBT that empower injured workers to return to work sooner.


Our integrated, transformative approach to behavioral health drives meaningful and measurable results — for employers and employees alike.
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Predictive Analysis

Early intervention screenings expedite return-to-work by examining the cognitive, attitudinal and psychosocial factors of each individual case.

Customized Treatment Plans

We connect with injured workers on an individual level, creating customized treatment plans that treat the whole person.

Greater Access & Convenience

Our telehealth solutions are reimbursable and effective, while providing injured workers with greater access to high-quality care.

better claims outcomes

We’ve proven that early identification and targeted intervention yields significant results.
Psychological factors contribute to delayed recovery of employee physical injury and trauma, causing enormous financial strain on both themselves and their employers.
Cost Savings
Ascellus case studies have shown a 50% cost savings in total claim costs due to early identification and intervention with injured workers at risk for delayed recovery.
Accuracy Record
Ascellus can predict with 95% accuracy which claims are high-risk at the onset and offer a comprehensive review of obstacles to recovery of function.
Return-to-Work Ready
On average, 87% of the injured workers that we treat are return-to-work ready in just 7 weeks.

Treatment Spotlight

Providing the Coping Tools to Manage Stress, Anxiety and Grief

Ascellus regularly serves those who have suffered the emotional and physical stress of contracting or exposing loved ones to Covid-19. A typical psychological evaluation is the first step to treatment, which is then followed by an average of seven work-focused CBT sessions. These sessions address and provide tools to manage stress, anxiety and grief. An overwhelming majority of Ascellus program participants have reported improved abilities to cope with stress and anxiety and have used the enhanced communication tools learned through W-CBT practices to re-enter the workplace with a sense of emotional wellbeing.


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