Ascellus programs can help healthcare staff successfully return to work after a COVID-19 diagnosis

The COVID-19 experience threatens healthcare workers

Stress can delay or prevent recovery

Cognitive behavioral therapy can improve outcomes

Work-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (W-CBT)

provides workers with the behavioral skills to overcome
psychological and physical barriers to returning to work.

The stress of treating virus victims as well as risks associated with contracting COVID-19 weigh heavily on the nation’s healthcare heroes. Since the pandemic began:

of healthcare workers were experiencing stress.1


of healthcare workers reported work-related dread.1


of healthcare workers reported experiencing emotional exhaustion.1

A COVID-19 diagnosis can exacerbate emotional turmoil and negative thoughts, making it even more difficult for healthcare workers to successfully recover and return to full-time duty.

W-CBT programs can improve claims costs and get injured frontline workers back to health and wellness faster.

W-CBT can improve outcomes in work-related COVID-19 diagnoses

A recent Ascellus study suggests that brief work-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with customary outpatient medical care for COVID-19 is an effective tool to reduce recovery time and help frontline essential workers overcome stress, anxiety and depressed mood associated with returning to work.

Researchers compared recovery status before and after treatment, return-to-work times and self-ratings on successful daily functioning. Within 12 weeks:

Ascellus has the experience to work with integrated delivery networks to provide comprehensive W-CBT.

Behavioral Healthcare You Can Trust

Ascellus provides:

• Screening for identification and intervention in behavioral health needs for health workers.
• Access to licensed and experienced clinicians through our nationwide provider network, with virtual options available.
• Evidence-based treatments to address symptoms and diagnosis of behavioral and mental health conditions.
• Resources and education to help healthcare workers manage stressors in the work environment and return to full duty.
• Solutions IDNs can trust to address behavioral health needs for health workers.

It is more important than ever to provide the resources healthcare workers need to heal mentally, physically and emotionally –

Ascellus is here to help.

New study shows W-CBT improves outcomes in work-related COVID-19 diagnosis

• Research performed by top industry professionals
• Accelerated healing time with cognitive behavioral therapy
• 80% returned to full-time work within 12 weeks without restrictions

COVID-19 doesn’t have to keep healthcare heroes away from work.

To learn about Ascellus’s W-CBT programs for individuals and groups, call 1.866.678.2924 or email us at

Ascellus bridges the gap between mental and physical health to accelerate recovery for our nation’s workforce. By connecting the workers’ compensation industry with our expert behavioral care and evidence-based treatments, we deliver high-quality outcomes, helping injured workers reemerge with increased strength, purpose and resilience in the workplace.

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