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Ascellus Delivers: A Transformative Treatment Approach

October 18, 2021
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Ascellus Delivers: A Transformative Treatment Approach 


The leader in biopsychosocial treatment in the workers’ compensation industry, Ascellus specializes in patient-centered treatments that treat the physical and emotional well-being of injured workers. The integrated, transformative approach to behavioral health is proven effective in speeding patients’ recovery and improving return-to-work outcomes. Ascellus delivers meaningful and measurable results:

  • 1,500+ providers nationwide
  • 87% of injured workers RTW ready in 7 weeks
  • 99% of concussion patients RTW full duty without restrictions or accommodations
  • $37,000 savings per claim

Our network

Ascellus’s provider network spans all 50 states and consists of more than 1,500 psychologists, psychiatrists and licensed clinical social workers who have a track record of success. Using work-related cognitive behavioral therapy (W-CBT), an evidence-based treatment approach in cases of injury, pain and trauma, providers get injured workers back to health and back to work faster.

Success with concussions

A recent peer-reviewed article reports the findings of a study by Ascellus that demonstrates when a neurocognitive screening evaluation is coupled with a brief W-CBT therapy model for concussion and mTBI patients, 99% of workers returned to work at full, unrestricted duty an average of 7 weeks post-evaluation, despite these workers being off work for an average of 10 months between injury and referral dates. Early assessment predicts the likelihood of delayed recovery and identifies workers requiring more in-depth evaluation.

Proven cost savings

When behavioral health conditions are left untreated, workers’ compensation claims cost rise and delayed recovery results. But when W-CBT is incorporated in injured worker therapy, there are significant savings. On average, W-CBT through Ascellus saves $37,000 per workers’ compensation claim. And an Ascellus case study reveals total claim cost savings of 50% with early identification and intervention for injured workers.  

Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Gets Results

CBT is an evidence-based treatment method proven effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress, pain and trauma that has a remarkable effect on improving physical recovery times and return-to-work outcomes. Based on the concept that one’s thoughts and feelings directly affect one’s actions, CBT teaches injured workers how to identify the thoughts and feelings that determine their behavior and threaten their recovery and quality of life. Changing negative thought patterns by allowing positive patterns to take their place empowers patients to better manage challenging situations. Once patients learn to recognize their negative thought patterns, they are able to reassess their thinking and change it to reflect a more positive approach to their problems.

Did You Know that of the US Adult Population . . . 

  • 40 million have anxiety
  • 60% feel overwhelming stress
  • 6.7% suffer major depression
  • 2+ million suffer opioid use disorder

Ascellus’s evidenced-based W-CBT treatment helps injured workers who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, pain, substance use and other mental health issues. Our transformative approach allows us to deliver customized treatment options, reduce costs for workers’ compensation claims and empower injured workers to return to work and the important job of living their best lives.

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Ascellus bridges the gap between mental and physical health to accelerate recovery for our nation's workforce. By connecting the workers' compensation industry with our expert behavioral care and evidence-based treatments, we deliver high-quality outcomes, helping injured workers reemerge with increased strength, purpose and resilience in the workplace.