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Aimee Peters, LCSW, Nominated For Outstanding Leadership Award

January 5, 2022
Health 2 Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Aimee Peters, LCSW, Ascellus’s Chief Clinical Innovations Officer, has been awarded the Health 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award. It will be presented to her at the Health 2.0 Conference April 11 – 13, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As overseer of Ascellus’s strategic clinical initiatives, Peters has 25 years of clinical expertise, strategic acumen, product and program development and leadership in the behavioral health industry. Driven by a passion for promoting telehealth adoption, she has been instrumental in pioneering virtual behavioral healthcare and increasing access and high-quality behavioral healthcare programs, especially to large health insurers. She serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia University School of Social Work where she developed the University’s Telemental healthcare curriculum.

What is the Health 2.0 Conference?

The Health 2.0 Conference is a premier forum where the most talented healthcare and wellness-focused professionals worldwide will gather to discuss ways to improve upon and expand the global healthcare ecosystem. Aiming to broaden and redesign the healthcare landscape, attendees will emphasize the latest advancements in healthcare and wellness and exchange creative ideas that challenge current healthcare standards and advance positive industry change that enhances people’s quality of life. 

How did Health 2.0 begin?

When the pandemic shook the world, it became evident that there was a need to advance a re-envisioned healthcare initiative for pharma, healthcare, medical devices and biotech in digital health, patient safety, drug and vaccine development, hospital management, AI in healthcare and more. This opportunity grew from the idea to gather together the world’s most notable healthcare professionals to initiate change and improve people’s health and overall quality of life.

Who do the awards recognize?

The Health 2.0 Conference awards will honor healthcare professionals, policymakers, CEOs, innovators and visionaries across numerous specialties who have directed change and contributed to improvements in healthcare. By recognizing these individuals, Health 2.0 accentuates their essential work and motivates others to inspire change.

Qualifying award criteria

Finalists were chosen from an aggregate score determined by the following criteria:

Leader’s reputation examines one’s overall reputation, influence and commitment to ethical practices to determine the extent of the individual’s leadership qualities and their position as an industry role model.

Educational background considers academic excellence, awards, publications and dedication to lifelong learning for self-improvement and professional advancement.

Professional experience recognizes years of industry experience and knowledge acquired within public, private or institutional areas in differing roles, projects and work achievements.

Creative thinking involves proven creative excellence when faced with challenges and transforming industry standards.

Decisive leadership acknowledges the long-term visions of management and senior leadership positions that make prompt, educated decisions while advising employees.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Aimee Peters’ achievement as Health 2.0’s 2022 award recipient for outstanding leadership, an honor that recognizes Peters’ solid reputation as a strategic leader in the healthcare industry.

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